Bleacher Report exaggerates for clicks

The sensationalism that has been a hallmark of the media has also, unfortunately, long since corrupted the sporting sector of the genre. It has only went into overdrive with the advent of social media.

So when Lebron James makes a statement expressing his desire to continue the season and that the NBA execs agree with him, it will make news because of the person saying but what he said as well.

Normally this, even with Lebron James saying this, would be second or third-tier in terms of news worthiness, however in this sports-starved environment this now gets major run.
All that was not enough for Bleacher Report, as they decided to put some extra and unnecessary mustard on this proverbial hotdog by releasing the headline, “ LBJ Rips Reports on NBA Season.”

When an alert comes across your phone or other device, it is likely to be promptly read as it creates immediate intrigue as to what was said. Then once the story is opened this is what greets the reader:

Does that read like anything getting ripped?

I think not but if they got you to read, like they did me, then in that sense they won. Once again, journalistic integrity was sacrificed on the altar of clicks and eyeballs.

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