De’Andre Johnson Should Get A Second Chance

It came as little shock when last week former Alabama OC Lane Kiffin rejoined the ranks of collegiate Head Coaches. What was a bit of a surprise that he did not land at Oregon, LSU, or even Houston( Kiffin’s name had been tossed around as a possible candidate for all of those positions), but at Florida Atlantic University. 

One of Kiffin’s initial signees was quarterback De’Andre Johnson. The name may be familiar to Florida State fans- Johnson was summarily dismissed from the Seminole football team following an altercation with a woman at a nightclub. I have heard members of the sports media take Kiffin to task over his signing of the former FSU QB, citing the aforementioned incident as not only as an omen of the trajectory of the Kiffin administration but also saying that Johnson, who recently played at East Mississippi Community College, has no business getting this opportunity. 

The media, detractors, and even the law seem to have totally ignored the fact the female that was involved in the incident with Johnson, was both the instigator and the aggressor- it was her who started the incident by striking Johnson first and unprovoked. It was De’Andre Johnson and not the female in the incident who had to engage with the legal system, reaching a plea deal that included six-months probation, paying a $900 fine and taking part in a ten-day sheriff’s work program. She was not dismissed from FSU, reprimanded at any level, nor had to apologize for her actions (which have been conveniently left out of talk of this case). 

If America (supposedly and under certain circumstances) forgives and, regardless of the feelings of some, if De’Andre Johnson has completed all those things required of him, then should he not be granted a second chance? Or perhaps is forgiveness only reserved for a certain few in this country?

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