Joe Mixon: Another Case of Biased Media Reporting

Unprovoked violence against anyone, regardless of sex, is wrong. No one has the right to put their hands on another person in an aggressive fashion. The recent footage that was released (somehow I find the timing odd to say the least) of the altercation University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon had with fellow student Amelia Molitor is very telling. Terming the media’s, and particularly the sports media’s, coverage of this story as irresponsible would be giving them an underserved courtesy. 

Molitor striking Mixon: the part of the incident the media has completely ignored

Every news outlet leads with some variation of Mixon punches woman. It seems in their desire to get clicks on their website or eyes on their “news” program considerably dwarfs any allegiance a news agency should have to be truthful in their reporting. I say this because to anyone with eyes or a sufficient number of brain cells can easily see that in the video that it is in fact Molitor, not Mixon who is both instigator and aggressor in the interaction. It was Molitor who initially shoved and subsequently struck Mixon. Mixon then, in turn, responded by striking Molitor. The media and their reports act as if those initial sequence of events never happened, slanting their reports to make it seem that Mixon was the aggressor and Molitor was a hapless victim.      
This is the part of the De’Andre Johnson incident that never gets talked about.

This latest, though the incident actually happened in 2014, is eerily similar to the De’Andre Johnson situation. Johnson, at the time was a quarterback at Florida State, was a night establishment and was assaulted by a young woman. When he physically responded, it was he who was branded as the villain of the tale, while the aggressor and precipitator of the incident was cast as the victim and got off scott free. Johnson,on the other hand, was dismissed from the team, after reaching a plea deal in his criminal case, received six-months probation, paid a $900 fine and had to engage in a ten-day sherriff’s work program. 

It seems clear that with both of these unfortunate incidents the female instigators and aggressors had the belief (and looking at how the events played out, rightfully so) their position in society would not only innoculate them from being held accountable for their actions by both the media and law enforcement but would also bestow victimhood upon them. The latter, by their dereliction have actually enabled incidents such as this to continue. The sports media should be ashamed of their unconscionable spinning and “reporting” of this matter. When the media engages in this sort of reprehensible conduct, they are no longer a entity of news, charged with informing the people; they have transformed into a propaganda machine. 

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