Deion Sanders agrees that FAMU should have been in the FCS playoffs

Despite going 9-2, including winning nine consecutive games after dropping their first two contest, the selection committee saw fit to snub FAMU from the postseason. The exclusion of Florida A&M from the FCS playoffs caused consternation, only in Rattler Nation ,but many in the HBCU fanbase and media contingent.

Head coach Willie Simmons in a video posted to Twitter Sunday, shortly after the announcement was made and, amongst other things , termed the turn of events “disappointing” and that the young men of his football team “got short changed”.

Coach Simmons was not alone in his dismay over the Rattlers finding themselves on the outside looking in, Jackson State head man Deion Sanders also took to social media to express perturbation

Coach Sanders reiterated his thoughts on the Monday SWAC Coaches call That’s earlier today

I heard my dear friend Willie Simmons put it down on here earlier today, and he is absolutely right. I mean, the statistics that he gave, and I hate to call out these schools, but he, he’s 100% correct and, and I support him 100%, he’s very factual. What they did this year and to go back from being 0-2 and to come back and run the table, shoot, come on, why not?

What I, I don’t [get] is it closed that they can’t allow a HBCU team in or a team with that record that he substantiated that this team family should be in the darn playoffs? Unbelievable. I don’t know how that works. I don’t know how this playoff system works. I know people keep asking us why would we [not choose the playoffs] and now you see why I would rather go to the Celebration Bowl or have some other form or fashion of how this stuff is manufactured, how they select the teams.

I don’t know how FAMU could not be in the FCS playoffs. I have no idea. But I know Coach Simmons has put it down and I support him 100%.

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