EuroHoops: Money may keep Bosnia out of EuroBasket


Bosnia is one of the teams that is slated to participate in the EuroBasket tournament for this first time since 2015 but finances could prevent them from getting on the court.

The Bosnian basketball federation recently announced they could not handle the costs of its national teams participation in the summer 2022 tourneys, the 2023 World Cup Qualifiers and the European championship. The organization says they have raised a portion of the the funds through sponsorships and institutions, but there is still gap that needs to be overcome.

“We knocked on many doors and asked for support but mostly received negative answers. We have often been ignored. This particularly applies to state and local authorities,” 

We can’t explain the fact that there is more money from the state or federal budget for individual clubs and associations than for the national teams? Especially for basketball which has made our nation happy so many times and intends to do so in the coming months,” the Federation also mentions. “There’s currently no way out and the moment that we will be forced to cancel the participation in the competitions isn’t far.

We appeal to the potential sponsors, especially state and municipal institutions to help us. These are our national teams. Our boys and girls. They proudly want to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina, to see the flag of the homeland where it belongs, among the banners of European and world basketball superpowers.”

Earlier this week, Bosnia announced their roster for EuroBasket and the World Cup Qualifiers. Among the players listed are Real Madrid forward Dzanan Musa and Portland Trail Blazers center Jusef Nurkic

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