Florida Skate Shops says its entire shipment of “Mummy” Dunk SBs were stolen

Jacksonville, Florida skate shop, Block Skate Supply was forced to cancel its release of the “Mummy” Nike SB Dunk Low due to an apparent theft. According to a story posted to the shop’s IG pages their allotment of the eagerly anticipated Dunk was pilfered in transit somewhere between Nike’s warehouse and Federal Express’s distribution center.

It can be easy to draw comparisons to the “freeze Out” Jordan 1 debacle , but from our perspective It would be journalistically irresponsible at this juncture to cast any aspersions on the Block Skate Shop. For those not familiar with the reference, the “Freeze Out” Jordan 1 was release in collaboration with Trophy Room, the sneaker boutique owned by Michael Jordan’s son Marcus. The stock came up “missing” and with the blame attempted to be cast on workers at the Nike distribution center. Images soon surfaced of resellers with suspiciously large amounts of the sneakers, leading people to come to the conclusion that the sneakers were simply “back doored.”

While pairs of highly coveted shoes coming up missing before they ever hit retail, it is typically not in large enough amount to where a release would be too adversely affected.

Sneakershoptalk.com contacted Nike and Black Skate Shop for comment and at the time of this article, is still awaiting a response.

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