Game 2- Majorly Disappointing 

After, getting worked in the fourth quarter of Game 1 of the Finals, it was expected that the Cleveland Cavaliers would come out with a much better effort in what was tantamount to a must win game. That didn’t happened as Golden State lambasted the Cavaliers 110-77.

Cleveland hung their heads on and off the court in the course of taking their 110-77 beatdown in Game 2

An eight point lead the Warriors took into halftime quickly doubled early into the third quarter. It was around that point in the game Cleveland seemed to mentally check out, giving what I’d generously describe as half-hearted efforts on defense and on the boards. The Warriors picked the Cavaliers’ defense apart in a Montana-esque  Their body language was that of a team that’d been defeated physically and mentally. This was the most disturbing aspect of Game 2, seeing a team give up. As a fan of the game, I felt cheated more by that than the fact the game was completely one-sided. There have been plenty of lopsided postseason and even Finals games but I still see those ballclubs fighting and playing hard, if nothing else for pride. I’m a believer in the adage that even if you aren’t playing well, you can always play hard. There were plays where it token efforts were made to close out on shooters and no attempts to get back on the defensive end, and that’s troubling.  If you are a Cavaliers fan, the quickness and ease of which your team folded should be a concern.

The Warriors are firing on all cylinders

I have no rooting interest in this series, I merely want to see well-played by, allegedly, the two best teams in the Association. While we have got to witness the greatness of the Golden State Warriors, all we have seen the Cavaliers wither under the pressure as they have looked completely outclassed and overmatched.

JR Smith has been virtually invisible through the first two games

The Cavaliers have to as a team, and as individuals, take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if this is how they want to go out. The have to end the pity party and play with some stones.  If they go down in defeat, will it be throwing punches or will it be sitting in the corner and throwing in the towel?

As for the Warriors, it will be business as usual and if the Cleveland JV shows up again, games 3 and 4 will merely be a formality to Golden State’s coronation.

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