James Harden tried to casually get on the team flight, the Sixers weren’t having it

James Harden just really thought he would be able to board the team flight as if things were sweet between he and the Sixers. Harden, who has been away for the team for an excused absence for the past 10 days,

However upon his arrival, he was told that he would not be accompanying the team who are embarking on a two-game road trip. Apparently the bearded one was told that is was not a suggestion when he was advised to remain in Philadelphia to work out while the team left for the first road trip of this season. In lieu of his recent behavior the Sixers, who are becoming the third team is he attempting to force his way out of in under three years, decided that was no a distraction the team wanted to deal with on the road trip.

The team does think it is possible to still forge at least a tenable relationship with Harden, but the real question would be is the proverbial juice still worth the squeeze this juncture?

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