Kyrie Irving says he is going to play across the pond

For many NBAers, finishing out their career in a league other than the Association, may be a circumstance that is not their choice.

When comes to Kyrie Irving, he plans on taking that matter into his own hands. The oft portrayed enigmatic superstar indicated that he that envisions himself globe trotting and playing in leagues not named the NBA at the later portion of his playing days.

Irving tweeted this in response to a user who accused him of gassing himself up

“I don’t ever have to Gas myself up. I am going on my 12th year in the best league in the world and I am only getting better. When I am 38 years old and have time to reflect on my career truly, I will do so, but until then, I am enjoying every moment. 

And no I won’t be done playing basketball at 38 years old lol, I’ll be in leagues all over the world playing and teaching the youth all that was taught to me.”

Given Irving’s prodigious talents , there will likely been teams from around the globe that would be interested in Irving, even in a potentially athletically advanced age.

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