Mobile sneaker resale application Flip helps ‘heads unload unwanted kicks

Whether you have a closet full or corner full of sneakers, there are likely some pair you’d like to part ways with. The mobile application Flip has been created to help you do just that.



Founded by 26 year old former Google and Apple engineer Kemar Newell, Flip is a mobile only kicks bazaar that they will buy the shoes.

To set up a listing all one has to photograph the shoes to be sold and upload that and a description to the marketplace. Listings have to approved by Flip staff before bids can be made. Bids can only be placed during “Auction Hours”, from 11 AM EST- 2AM EST.

The company pledges sneakers will not go for the astronomical prices some fetch on the secondary market. Their listings start 30-40% of the shoe’s retail price.

To ensure that the sales on their application remain above board, Flip offers Flip Protect, which is a policy that dictates any buyer who files an approve claim with in 24 hours of a shoe’s delivery will get a full refund. Once a purchase has been made, the funds are not released to the seller for 24 hours following delivery, assuming that a  claim hasn’t been made. Damaged, missing, inaccurately described, wrong and fakes are also covered.

Flip is currently only available for iOS devices for download at the App Store.

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