NCAA rules cause Christion Abercrombie gofundme to be taken down

We brought the unfortunate story of Tennessee State University linebacker Christion Abercrombie who collapsed on the sideline in the first half of the Tigers’ game against Vanderbilt. He has been in the hospital since then and there has been an outpouring of support from not only the TSU family but HBCU’s across the land.

Christion Abercrombie ( Tennessee State Athletics)


Although insurance policies provided by TSU and the NCAA will cover Abercrombie’s medical expenses, a gofundme was launched by Tennessee State to help provide funds for Abercrombie’s family. Two other fundraising efforts were launched by Rachon Reed, the daughter of TSU head coach Rod Reed and Nashville resident Jake Waddell were taken down at the request of the University amid a potential violation of NCAA rules. The NCAA also told Tennessee State that any other fundraising efforts could jeopardize Abercrombie’s eligibility.

Thank you NCAA, because as this youngster lays in a hospital with medical professionals fighting to save his life, his continued permission to play sports in your organization should be at the forefront. Once again, this organization shows that it exists only for its own enrichment at the expense of best interest of the athlete-student. It appears this entity has forgotten that it is the athlete that makes their existence even possible. It is situations like this and the seemingly callous response that continues to turn public sentiment against the NCAA. It also continues to fuel the ever-increasing fervor for change within the rules of the body that would allow for these athletes to be compensated but also to abolish some of the policies it adheres to that are devoid of common sense. However for the National Cretinous Athletic Association, this is just business as usual and for them the road to the college football playoffs and the Final Four is paved with the bodies of maimed athletes.

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