Nike aids Chinese Goverment in the Confiscation of $87 million in Counterfeit Kicks

Police in Anhui (China) recently busted that country’s largest case of sneakers. The seized shoes, which numbered over 500,000 pair, were intended to be shipped to Asia and the Middle East. Although made of substandard materials, the sneakers were still valued at over $87 million.

In December 2015 Anhui police received reports from Nike Sports China which indicated they had located a significant number of counterfeit shoes that looked like one of their branded products in Middle Eastern countries. Law enforcement officials spent a month pursuing that lead and it lead to a shoe factory named Jinfeng, a subsidiary of a company called the Feiyu Group and a suspect by the name of Dai who had been previously convicted for manufacturing counterfeit footwear in 2008. The identified factory has been in existence since 2012 and its goods were exported to the Middle East and the African continent.


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