Shannon jokes about pouring honey on LeBron James?!?

I have said it on numerous occasions that there are a great many things on which I vehemently disagree with Shannon Sharpe, however it cannot be denied that the brother is all-time great football player and when it comes to talking the game he played he can provide, insightful and in-depth takes that the layman can understand.

However when it comes to LeBron James, the modicum of objectivity he possesses flies right out the window. I used to think he didn’t truly believe the outlandish things he said and did as it relates to his seemingly undying fandom of the Kid from Akron, but it has far surpassed the level of mere attention-grabbing, conversation-starting schtick to something unhealthy.

The latest instance of Lebron’s love delving into the realm of h weird was in the comments section of a recent post from Lebron himself where he said “If you ever see me in the forest fighting a grizzly bear, HELP THE BEAR.” Amongst the scores of commenters on the post was Sharpe himself who said “ I’m pouring honey on you GOAT, It’s illegal to kill a bear unless being attack.”

It seems it was likely meant in jest but it fell flat and even drew some side-eyes from the comments because dudes don’t crack wise about slathering honey on their friends.

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