Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Four arrested in burglary of sneakers, guns, and ammo from Ocala, FL home

Our ceaseless endeavor of documenting the madness that sneakers can be the driving force behind brings us to Ocala, Florida. It is here a residential burglary has cost four individuals their freedom.

Ocala police have arrested four people in connection to a residential burglary in which two guns, sneakers and ammunition were taken. The victim told police she left her home in the morning and came back hours later and discovered an open bedroom window.

Law enforcement indicated that from the state of the scene, it appeared the burglars kicked in the front door of the home and took 20 pairs of Jordans and Adidas- valued at approximately $1,500, over 800 rounds of ammunition, ammunition cans, a loaded AR-15 and shotgun, and a watch.

Police were provided information about the burglary and were able to pinpoint four potential suspects: brothers Mark Alexander Roberts and Michael Dean Hughes, Jase Austin Williams and a minor, aged 17 years.

Police went to a nearby home in the Meadows at Health Brook neighborhood and subsequently arrested all four suspects. All the pilfered items were recovered, with the exception of the watch. Two additional firearms were found, one of which had its serial number removed.

Detective Sean Young of the Ocala PD interviewed all the suspects but it was the juvenile who spilled the beans and admitted that all four had been at the home in question.

Subsequent to the interviews , the four suspects were each charged with armed burglary, grand theft and grand theft of a firearm. She

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