Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: VA teen arrested under suspicion of stealing sneakers

Fredericksburg, Virginia serves as the backdrop for case of fervor to obtain sneakers was responsible for dereliction of common sense. It is here that a youth was arrested while trying to make his escape.

According to Sheriff’s spokeswoman Amanda Vicinanzo, Deputy Dylan Aubrecht responded to a reported auto accident and possible robbery. When he arrived to the area of Jefferson Davis Highway and Merryview Drive, he found a man outside of a grey Jeep Wrangler with a substantial laceration on his knee.

The injured party told authorities the man sitting in the Jeep had attempted to get away with two boxes of Air Jordans that he was trying to sell online. He also said he and the suspect, 18-year-old Sydney Marcell Fisher, had agreed on a selling price of $300 for both pair of the shoes.

At the meeting, which was near Fisher’s residence, the seller handed the shoes to Fisher, who only had $80. Fisher said he had to get the rest of the money out of his vehicle, however instead of retrieving additional funds, he started to drive off with the shoes.

Vicinanzo said the victim reached for Fisher’s car door and tried to grab the steering wheel to stop him from taking the shoes. This caused the car to swerve off the road and crash into a tree. Additionally, Vicinanzo indicated the suspect told Deputy Aubrecht that he was not trying to steal the shoes, but was frightened when the seller ran over to his vehicle and enter it.

When the victim was taken to Mary Washington Hospital for treatment, he showed Deputy Aubrecht conversations he had with a individual who identified himself as Mark Jamison.

It was later ascertained that Fisher was using the name Jamison as a pseudonym.

Fisher was charged with larceny and misdemeanor larceny and put in the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

But the story doesn’t end there.

That same day, Sheriff’s Deputy A.W. Sypolt to Town Square Circle in response to another shoe larceny complained that happened earlier that day.

The victim in this incident said a man calling himself Mark Jamison had taken two pairs of Jordans without paying.

The victim said the suspect examined the shoes and then asked the seller if he could show them to a friend in a nearby apartment to confirm their legitimacy. To this, the seller agreed and the “buyer” never returned.

The seller said he tried to text the man multiple times over the course of the subsequent 45 minutes before coming to the conclusion he had been blocked on the application that was used to set the deal up.

Vicinanzo stated Fisher has additional charges pending against him in connection to that theft.

Any person who think they were the victim of a sneaker theft involving a Mark Jamison or a Sydney Fisher is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (540) 658-4400.

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