Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Man Breaks into Cousin’s home and Steals Sneakers

Stealing is bad, stealing sneakers is stupid and stealing from your family is deplorable. Javontae Garrett of Simsbury,Connecticut has the unfortunate distinction of achieving this atrocious ternion. On May 21 of this year, Garrett’s cousin attended a high school prom, when he returned home,  found 22 pair of sneakers missing,with an estimated value of $5,450- and possibly his aunt’s $2,000 designer handbag. 

The victim’s family did some investigation and identified two suspects, however Garrett was not charged until his fingerprint was found on one of the sneaker boxes left behind in the heist. Garrett was charged with first-degree burglary and third-degree larceny in the break-in at the cousin’s home. 

The victim’s brother went online and found a pair of Air Jordans for sale that matched one of the stolen pair. Once that happened, the father then describe this in a statement to the Manchester PD: 

He and the victim’s brother set up what amounted to a sting operation. The brother started negotiating online for the aforementioned shoes. The victim’s mother arranged for a meeting to conduct the transaction at a Hartford fast-food establishment. The sellers did not show up to the initial meeting. While trying to reschedule the meeting, the father received a call from the seller. The dad, disguised his voice and he recognized the voice on the line as his girlfriend’s nephew. Another meeting was scheduled at the same eatery. 

The father attended the meeting with three friends. Upon arrival, he saw the nephew he’d spoken on the phone with in a car with Garrett, who also was a nephew of his girlfriend, and a third male. One of the father’s friends made the purchase and then the father approached the sellers and the male he spoke with on the phone immediately said:, ” Those aren’t your sneakers. I didn’t break into your house.” The sellers then ran away. 

Manchester PD Officer Daniel Bontempo stated he spoke to Garrett and the other nephew and they both denied involvement in the crime. He also indicated the Hartford police were planning to apply for arrest warrants for all three males on charges of 6th degree larceny and conspiracy to commit that crime stemming from the sell of the single pair of sneakers.

Brandon’s take: I think the father should really look at his girlfriend skeptically. I find it quite interesting two of her relatives were involved in this crime. Her family is obviously dusty and it makes me question is she dusty as well and did they conspire to rob them. Be careful who you let into your life and home!

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