Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Two GA juveniles indicted for Armed Robbery of classmate’s Air Jordans

Two youngsters are now facing the music for very adult crimes. 

Joseph Weatherford, 16 and Dominic Singh, 17 were indicted recently by a Forsyth County (GA) Grand Jury on one count of armed robbery and several counts of drug possession. According to a bill of indictment on January 29 the two, “unlawfully [took] the shoes from the [victim] by use of a Vigilante Air Pistol, a device having the appearance of an offensive weapon.”

The incident reports stated the victim knew Weatherford and Singh from school and they “showed up to check out his Jordan sneakers.”

The report also states : “[The victim] got into [Weatherford’s] dark in color Cadillac and drove around the neighborhood,” the report said. “[The victim] stated Dominic pulled out a black revolver and stuck it in [the victim’s] face, demanding the shoes.”

When deputies later pulled over the car Singh was in ,they located the air soft gun under the passenger seat on which he was seated. Marijuana and Xanax was also found. Singh was also wearing the shoes he was alleged to have pilfered. 

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