Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: TX man beaten and robbed of sneakers and other belongings

Police in Denton, Texas are looking into an incident of a sneaker sale turned robbery.

According to a police report, a man made arrangements through social media to sell sneakers to a prospective buyer. The two parties met at a park early Thursday to conduct the transaction. At the meeting , the victim reported that three males approached him and he was struck in the face and was kicked continuously once he had fallen to the ground.

The trio then relieved him of a diamond necklace, an iPhone, Vans sneakers and a pair of Air Force 1s.

Denton Police were dispatched to the 3600 block of Marquette Drive at around 12:49 a.m., responding to a call made shortly after the robbery occurred.

Upon arrival, officers took notice of blood on a park bench.

The caller/victim was unsure if the one of males who beat him up and robbed him was the supposed buyer.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

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