Tradeblock App is new platform for trading sneakers

With sneaker enthusiasts already engaging on buying and selling on platforms specifically dedicated to those ends, there was not one focused on the third prong of sneaker transactions, trading, and that is where a new platform seeks to fill that void.

Tradeblock is a new application that allows users to list their collections and also peruse that of other users in the aim of facilitating trades.

“Sneakerheads have been trading kicks with each other since the first Jordan 1s dropped in 1985,” says co-founder and CEO Mbiyimoh Ghogomu. He made the observation that the trading arena was one that was underserved and that was the impetus for Ghogomu and his partners to put Tradeblock together.

Tradeblock allows uses to trade sneakers

After downloading the application, users can create their profile , upload their kicks to a digital closet and a wish list of desired sneakers. Users can also see the closets of others and wish lists to assist in identifying potential trade partners. Trades are initiated directly through the app, if necessary additional shoes and even cash can be added to complete a deal. Once the details of the deal are confirmed, trade partners will send the sneakers to an authentification center for inspection. Once they have passed inspection, the sneakers will be sent out to their new owners.

Tradeblock currently has more than 18,000 users and is averaging approximately 2,000 trade offers.

Tradeblock is currently available on both iOS and Android

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