WTF are you talking about Lebron?

When it comes to Lebron James there seems to be a lot to like- good husband and father, phenomenal basketball player and pretty decent human as you don’t hear about him being involved in any type of shenanigans.

However what should cause Lebron to be looked with the most Adiscerning of eyes is the fact the mainstream touts him as a black “leader” and “activist” that speaks out on issues of “social justice.” While he does talk, a lot, on social issues, when one listens what becomes plainly obvious is that for all the speaking he does, he actually says very little. If James really dug his feet on issues such as anti-black racism or punishing police who harm and kill black people, there is no way he would be extolled to the degree he is that realm. It is known he is not a threat to the status quo.

LeBron was recently asked about the Kyrie Irving situation and he started on one of these meandering soliloquies that he often launches into when asked questions of this nature.

His comments that Kyrie’s actions harmed a lot of people is something that needs to be examined. First, it is a clear indicator to the powers that be that he is in lock-step with the plan but it is also false. As a result of Kyrie posting that movie image, how many Jewish people have been harmed? Have there been stories of their communities torn asunder and business ransacked in the name of this movie? Have police began to target Jewish drivers? The makers of the film haven’t been harmed, if anything they have been further enriched, as it has brought more attention and sales to the film. Amazon and Jeff Bezos, who sell the film on their platform are also making money (and remain free of criticism) so it is clear they have suffered no negative implications.

The only person who has actually suffered any demonstrable adverse affects is Kyrie himself.

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