eBay held a live authentication event this weekend in Los Angeles

To compete with the GOATs and the StockXs of the world. eBay recently launched their own authentication service for luxury watches and sneakers.

This past weekend , the online sales platform had a live drive-thru authentication event in Los Angeles.

 “eBay just launched authentication for luxury watches and sneakers and we’re here today to bring that service to life,”

eBay Head of Communications Caitlin Allen

A third party inspector was hired by ebay to do the authentications on-site.

Allen provided a vague explanation of how the inspectors authenticate the items, saying this: “They look at all these different variables to guarantee that the product is real,”

Following a completed authentication process, eBay makes an offer based on trends in the market. Individuals can opt to retain their item or sell it there at the event.

“This offers a way for people to stay totally socially distant, get their items authenticated and also get some cash for their holiday shopping,” said Allen.

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