NBA Rumours: Cavaliers called Spurs about Kawhi

When a team has an all-world player that may be available, it is to be expected the GM of said team’s phone would be quite the hotline. That is exactly the position the San Antonio Spurs find themselves in. Kawhi Leonard has reportedly asked for a trade, preferring to land in Lakerland.

The calls have undoubtedly began to come in for R.C. Buford and the Spurs brass and according to Terry Pluto of, the Cavaliers were one of several teams that have already reached out regrading Mr. Leonard.

Cleveland seems an unlikely destination for Kawhi, as they are over the salary cap even if they are not able to persuade Lebron James to return the team. The Cavaliers also likely do not have the assets required to trade for a player of Leonard’s calibre. If Cleveland wants to be a serious player in the Kawhi sweepstakes they would likely have to bring in at least one other team into the mix.

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