Nike says producing kicks at home could be a possibility

3D printing looks to be a manufacturing game changer and Nike is seeking to fashion this breakthrough into in home application. According to Nike, the company is engineering tech that give consumers the ability to produce custom sneakers from the comfort of their homes, or at a Nike store. Nike says that it could become a reality in the not to distant future. Nike COO, Eric Sprunk recently reveal that they are already using 3D printing to simplify Flyknit sneakers’ production process.  A design file complete with instructions is fed into a 3D printers and the printer does the rest. Mr, Sprunk said that consumers will be able to do the same at home, orin store.

A 3D printed prototype shoe was worn by runner Elric Kipchoge at last month’s Berlin marathon. Kipchoge did post a personal best , but he did not finish the race in his 3D printed runners; they fell apart somewhere around the 10-mile mark.

3D printing your shoes at home opens up some exciting possibilities but there are the issues of 3D printer not being commonplace in the home, as they are expensive. Additionally the printing process only produces an upper, the soles have to be attached separately. How Nike( or another company) will address these issues will ultimately determine whether in home 3d printing can really become a viable possibility in the future.


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