Shannon Sharpe to leave Undisputed

After 6 years it appears the run of Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe is coming to an end. Reports emerged Wednesday evening that the NFL Hall of Fame football had reached a buyout and would be departing Undisputed following the conclusion of the NBA Finals.

Debate and disagreement have been a hallmark of the show since its inception but tensions seemed to come to a head over a discussion surrounding Tom Brady and Skip defecated on Sharpe’s football career. Shannon naturally took umbrage to that and the conversation got heated, with Skip notably telling Sharpe to “put your glasses back on.” The growing schism was fueled by the near-on-field tragedy of DeMar Hamlin, specifically regarding a tweet Skip thumbed out shortly after it happens and Bayless’ subsequent response, appeared to indicate the writing may be on the wall for this duo.

It is also reported that Sharpe’s very popular show, Club Shay Shay, is also leaving Fox.

Though I take exception to Shannon being an attack dog for LeBron James, he can be very entertaining and his football analysis is typically really good. With the rise of his podcast, he has shown he can thrive without Undisputed but it remains to see if the reverse will be true.

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