Stephen Curry says why he wouldn’t want to play with Lebron James

Stephen Curry made some waves a few weeks ago when asked if he wanted to play with Lebron, which was in response to comments the Lakers superstar made on his show in which he said Curry was a player he’d like to play with.

In responding to the statement in an interview with 95.7 ”The Game”, Curry, softly poo-pooed the idea of joining forces with Lebron, amongst other things, saying he ”was good”on that ever becoming a reality.

In a recent sit-down with Draymond Green, the all-time three point leader went into more depth on a Curry/Lebron tandem, saying that the pairing might be lethal on 2k, he wanted to stick with who had rocked with him since day one.

We have seen these two together but one cannot help to wonder how would these look on the same squad outside of the confines of an NBA All-Star Game. Would the two all-timers be better than the previous Curry/Durant pairing? That worked in part because the Warriors run an actual system, which Durant’s more malleable game was able to fit right into and he could play off the ball, which still allowed Steph to be himself. A pairing with the ball-dominant Lebron, who does not play off the ball, while Curry’s gravity and off-ball movement would give James plenty of room to operate, that could come at the detriment of Curry, as that would more relegate him to a spot-up shooter.

The full sit-down with Draymond and Steph can be seen here.

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