Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Pennsylvania sneaker thief sees himself on local news and turns himself in

A Pennsylvania suspected serial sneaker thief turned himself in to law enforcement-after seeing himself on the news.

According to Lower Chichester police, 40-year-old Ryan Weems-Johnson saw himself on a report on Philadelphia’s WPVI and opted to turn himself in.

According to law enforcement, he stole from one Kohl’s three times in the past several months by merely walking out with product on his feet. Mr. Weems-Johnson is also accused of stealing valuable shoes from businesses in Brookhaven, Media, Morton, and Newtown Sqaure dating back to last August.

Police also say that sneakers were not the only things he had a proclivity for stealing; he hit a Rite-Aid and stole a variety of bath and shampoo products.

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