Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Teens rob and kill man for marijuana and Air Jordans

This latest edition of our seemingly never-ending chronicle of sneaker related lunacy comes to us from Indianapolis, Indiana via wrtv . According to criminal charges filed earlier today, two teenagers shot and killed a 28-year-old man last month.

John Beasley was found shot and killed in an Indianapolis neighborhood on October 16. According to witnesses, two young appearing men run from the scene immediately after the shooting.

The witness information, combined with call records from the victim’s cellular phones, investigators pinpointed the primary suspect as 17-year-old Toney Lamont Hodges. Hodges was charged Tuesday as adult with the following crimes: murder, robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, carrying a handgun without a license and dangerous possession of a firearm.

A second teen who is 15, will be tried as a juvenile.

Hodges told police he and the other teen arranged to meet Beasley through the Letgo app to sell him a pair of Air Jordans in exchange for marijuana. Hodges indicated the plan was for him to take the weed and the shoes while the other teenager held Mr. Beasley at gunpoint with a weapon that belonged to Hodges’ brother. However during the robbery, Hodges said his accomplice shot Beasley.

Police tracked down the 15-year-old who initially denied shooting Beasley after Hodges grabbed him. He also told police that he shot Beasley three more times before fleeing the scene.

The two teenagers are currently in custody at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center without bond. According to court records, Hodges was also charged as an adult with armed robbery and authorities theft in an unrelated case.

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