The UFC and Reebok: A match not made in heaven

As most fight fans know, the UFC and Reebok signed a six year, $70 million deal late last year. By and large this arrangement has been riddled with problems and ridicule,from not only fight fans , but the fighters themselves.  The arrangement has been a colossal flop for both sides, as it has made Reebok appear incompetent and UFC, even more greedy and dictatorial towards its fighters.

Fighters have claimed this deal has cost them thousands of dollars, as it no longer allows the 3rd party sponsorships. When longtime cut man Jacob “Stitch”Duran voiced a similar sentiment, he was quickly shown the door. Conor McGregor refused to wear the gear and Reebok’s latest gaffe likely did not warm him to the company’s gear. Jose Aldo likened the gear to being a Power Ranger.

Here is  an interesting ( and scathing) take on the deal :

Time to Pull the Plug on the UFC-Reebok fiasco 

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