These sneakers are made from 90% waste

The “Alchemy X” is the first sneaker from Austria-based start-up brand Effekt Footwear. This initial offering from the brand is composed of over 90% ocean plastic and recycled fashion industry waste and is the embodiment of Effekt’s mission to clean the planet as well as creating footwear that is environmentally friendly.

As the name implies, this silhouette was inspired by the medieval practice that was based on the supposed transformation of matter, primarily known for it attempts to turn base metals into gold. The designers spent 18 months researching various materials in their mission to create “the world’s most rubbish sneakers”.

Effekt seeks to re-purpose over 1000kg of waste through their initial crowndunding campaign and they have a goal of promoting upcycling in both the fashion and footwear industries. The sneakers are hand-made in Portugal as the brand looks to combine old world quality with modern build techniques.

Through their “collekt” program, old sneakers can be returned to the brand , where they will be recycled into more shoes or other products; customers will also get a discount on future purchases for sending their old kicks back to Effekt.

The “Alchemy-X” is currently available for pre-order.

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